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"We design simple and user-friendly cleaning systems"

High Tech Machines


High-Tech Cleaning Machine caters to parts cleaning machines and is an entity managed by highly experienced professionals with a wide experience in the field of parts cleaning technology. We are the best Industrial Component Cleaning Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers.

At High-Tech Cleaning Machine we value our customers to offer the best solutions backed by responsive and efficient service. We contribute by being most innovative, competitive and offer cost effective solutions to enhance your quality output. This is all supported by range of products, services and offering total solutions in cleaning equipment’s, supported by standard, as well custom built products and services to engineering industries.

Our equipment's are designed, based on understanding the components and customers cleaning requirement which helps us in offering solution for their cleaning needs with right selection of chemicals and assured performance at minimum cost.

Why Us ?

There are many areas where we score more than our competitors in the industry, some of our specialties, which make us a preferred business partner for our clients are :

  • The quality delivered by us in our products is of very superior quality.
  • Volume production capacity.
  • We offer our products at the best competitive prices.
  • Our commitment of delivering products within the stipulated time frame.
  • Highly innovative product range.
  • Strong tie-ups with C&F agents ensures wide availability.
  • Products conforming to International Standards of Quality
  • Experienced R & D department, with latest facilities.


" Flexibility is our strength "

Washing Machine include both cabin washing machines and multi-stage conveyor washing machines. This gives you the customer, the flexibility to put the machine together exactly according to your needs. Together with a large selection of optional extra equipment, we can deliver the machine specified exactly to provide the cleaning performance you need.


The High-Tech parts cleaning system guarantees reliable cleaning results. High water circulation and the correct water pressure are largely responsible for a defined cleaning result. The High-Tech wash system specifically developed for parts cleaning has an innovative wide-angle nozzles FAN and does exactly that. The perfectly balanced system of mechanics, temperature, chemistry, and contact time solves the most complex cleaning requirements. It ensures constant and reliable cleaning results.

" Simple User-Friendly Design "

At High-Tech Cleaning Machine our objective is to produce high quality, reliable equipment. Therefore we work carefully with all the details on our systems, but reliability is always the most important consideration. We also strive to make our machines look good. We design all our machines, so they appear functional and simple. Therefore you will find few external components on our machines. Noise of machines are minimized by integrating any noisy parts into levels the internal framework construction of machines and then using sound insulating panels. With HTC you get a reliable and simple machine – with the functions you need. Our manufacturing philosophy is “The fewer the parts, the better the quality!”

Our Vision

Intensive market research has shown, that our customers expect warewashing technology that combines efficiency with optimal performance. We hold ourselves to these claims, and they form the foundation for our vision of, washing without water“. This vision is our continuous incentive to walk on new paths in order to constantly reduce the water, energy and chemical consumption. Step by step, we would like to come closer to our goal with innovative excellence, and we already know: Whenever the first machine will be capable of washing without water – it will be a HOBART.

Our Mission

This is our philosophy. To us, innovation means continuously setting new standards in technology, combined with real added value for the customer. An enterprise owned technological center and an innovation center for warewashing technology at our headquarters in Germany make this possible. Highly efficient products are created with bundled innovation, which continuously confirm our status as technological leader. To be economical means to set standards in relation to the lowest operating costs and minimal use of resources, and to revolutionize the market continuously. To be ecological means a responsible handling of resources and a sustainable energy policy. This applies not only to the product in use, but in general to all areas of the organization, such as purchasing or manufacturing.

" We design simple and user-friendly cleaning systems, which are reliable and clean parts every day all year round without harming the environment."