Cabinet Type Cleaning Machine Manufacturers

cabinet type cleaning machine manufacturers

Single Stage Cleaning Machine(R 6272–SERIES)

  • Front Loading & Unloading cabinet washer.
  • We are the best Cabinet Type Cleaning Machine Manufacturers.
  • High-Tech Cleaning Machine built cabinet type spray washing machine with rotary table and designed for large size and batch cleaning process, while retaining the cost-effectiveness of the equipment.
  • Cabinet type cleaning machine are available in different turntable/ fixed square baskets sizes ranging from 600, 800, 1000, & 1200 mm dia. and have loading heights to meet the requirement of your process. For easy loading & unloading the platform is provided which is attached to chamber.
  • Cabinet type cleaning machine can be customized and is available in single chamber, common point load / unload with single or multi tank with multitier filtration system suit your specific application requirements.
  • These equipment’s can be designed with independent component rotation/ fixed for specific parts.
  • Programmable control panel with human machine interface (HMI).
  • High Pressure Spray nozzles for internal cleaning.
  • Suitable for large parts, machined bodies and batch type production.

Single Stage With Multi operation Machine (R 5272 - SERIES)

  • R5272 (Front Loading Rotary /fixed Table Type Spray Washer with Rinse Stage).
  • R 5272 series type cleaning machine are multi - stage, single chamber design built for automatic washing rinsing with water based cleaning media followed by drying operation.
  • The constructional details and features of the R5272 are based on the single stage Rotary/fixed basket type but for the single /twin tank with multi tier filtration system for efficient pressure filters are installed to prevent nozzles blocking, which could otherwise reduces the cleaning performance. separate spray circuitry. For easy loading & unloading the platform is provided which is attached to chamber. R5272 is available in closed as well as in open system.
  • The wash processes are as 'high pressure clean - Rinsing - Drying' with intermittent dwell time for wash liquids to flow back to tank. The system is controlled by PLC with HMI or relay logic to set the parameters as per the process requirement with two hand safety for operator safeties.
  • These washers can also be customized for surface treatments prior to painting process.
  • Suitable for medium sized to large size parts, machined bodies and batch type production.