Conveyorised Cleaning Machine Manufacturers

conveyorised cleaning machine manufacturers

Conveyorised Cleaning Machine for Multi Stage Operation (R 3272- SERIES)

  • Conveyorised Component cleaning Machines two Stage and Multistage cleaning.
  • We are the best Conveyorised Cleaning Machine Manufacturers.
  • R 3272 Series high performance in-line conveyor cleaner for continuous cleaning of parts and used for higher throughout.
  • Packaged in Two and multi - stage process with single parts or parts in batches.
  • The working principle is based on a linear movement of parts through the process, parts are conveyed through the different stages of the process at controlled and changeable speed. Parts can be moved in continuous or indexed for precision cleaning of holes and recesses.
  • Conveyors can be designed in many ways with steel belt, chain and roller type to carry parts or baskets and with necessary parts holding fixtures.
  • Dedicated pneumatically operated reciprocating pressurized spray manifolds with wrapping effect for precision cleaning to attain cleanliness values and to suit parts and the process requirement.
  • Drying systems using air knife with low compressed air consumption or regenerative blowers at an elevated temperatures for water dry off effect.
  • PlC based control panel with necessary safeties and interlocks incorporated for smooth functioning of the system.
  • Suitable for manufacturing, automobile industries.