Oil Skimmer Machine Manufacturers in India

Oil Skimmer

Oil Skimmer (belt type/disk type/drum type)

  • We are the best Oil Skimmer Machine Manufacturer & Suppliers in India
  • Oil Skimmer is a device which helps remove surface oil.
  • Oil Skimmer is mounted in the selected location. An oil is absorbed by the teflon tape and is removed from bath to another external container
  • Oil Skimmer is cheapest and most effective method to remove the surface oil.
  • Advantages of Oil Skimmer:
  • By removing the oil, an oil skimmer helps to mitigate the threat. By eliminating tramp oil from coolant, skimming can help prevent clogs in lines and sprays. Tramp oil removal maximizes the coolant's effect and longevity while also extending the tool's life.

High Tech Machines is the premier oil skimmer machine manufacturer in India, specializing in drum-type oil skimmer solutions. Our innovative technology effectively removes oil & other hydrocarbons from water surfaces, ensuring clean and efficient operations.